CBRE UK Set to Become First Fertility Friendly Real Estate Organisation

Fertility Matters at Work (FMAW) has announced that CBRE UK is the first real estate firm to join its membership as they aim to become a Fertility Friendly employer, making strides in the commercial property sector.

The global leader in commercial real estate advisory has partnered with the social enterprise consultancy and educational training provider, FMAW, to establish policies and resources that offer the best support to colleagues facing fertility challenges. By raising awareness of the topic within the firm, CBRE aims to create a culture where employees feel supported, secure, and valued. 

CBRE's dedication to becoming Fertility Friendly accredited™️ derived from the work done by its Women and Family Networks and People team, which identified that the time when people are wanting to grow their families, is often a crucial phase in their careers and having a supportive and understanding workplace is essential in order to retain individuals, particularly women. 

James Brandon, DE&I & Responsible Business Manager, CBRE UK

Our first point of action has been to launch a toolbox of resources for our people. Drawing key information that is accessible to all ensures that we are being open and honest with our communication. We are reviewing our supportive policies and working with FMAW to run a range of awareness-raising events to build momentum in the first year of our partnership. From there, we will work closely with FMAW to determine our next steps.

Core to our DE&I approach is creating a culture where everyone can thrive. Our work with FMAW allows us to listen, raise awareness and continuously improve the employee experience. We also see alignment to our culture, providing practical tools for people and building empathy and better behaviours.

James Brandon, DE&I & Responsible Business Manager, CBRE UK

CBRE already has a Family Friendly policy in action. However,  policy names have been updated to make them gender-neutral and inclusive of diverse paths to parenthood. The company is committed to reviewing these policies and benefits every two years.

New and enhanced benefits under their Family Friendly policy include an extension of partner leave to 16 weeks at 100% base salary, applicable to any parent or co-parent involved in childcare responsibilities. Additionally, a Child Care Support Scheme offers cash allowances for parents of Associate Director level and below with children aged one to two. The company now provides a NeoNatal policy, accommodating early births, a Fertility policy offering paid time off for appointments and up to four weeks for treatment recovery, and enhanced bereavement policies covering pregnancy and close family loss. 

Notably, CBRE UK employees are eligible for six months of paid leave after six months of employment, without payback obligations, if they don't return or leave within six months of resuming work. These improvements reflect CBRE's commitment to supporting its employees through various life stages and family needs.

Natalie Silverman, co-founder of Fertility Matters at Work, added: “We’re thrilled to be working with CBRE UK in their journey to become a Fertility Friendly employer. It's incredibly rewarding to see the company's dedication to supporting its employees in their path to parenthood. Our partnership will empower CBRE UK to create an inclusive and understanding workplace for those navigating fertility challenges or family planning. 

“We’re so proud to be a part of this transformative process and look forward to the positive impact it will have on employees at CBRE.” 

To educate businesses and raise awareness of how fertility issues affect their employees, Fertility Matters at Work (FMAW) is on a mission to find the first 100 UK companies to commit to becoming Fertility-friendly employers. 

For more information on becoming a Fertility Friendly workplace, please visit: Services - Fertility Matters at Work