Calibrate, the analytics tool developed by global commercial real estate services company CBRE, has been included in the ZIA Innovation Report 2018 as a best practice innovation. The German Property Federation (ZIA) published the report today on the occasion of the Day of the Real Estate Industry. Calibrate uses proprietary technology to analyse the shopping habits and movements of over 100 million consumers across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The data generated by Calibrate is based on mobile app user profiles, are anonymised and subject to strict compliance with all the requirements of European data protection directives.

An analysis of the data offers CBRE and its clients detailed information on:

  • Consumer demographics
  • Consumer movements, identifying the hotspots of an asset, street or town
  • Consumer behavior, when and how often consumers visit a location
  • Levels of tourism at a location
  • Where consumers work
  • Where else consumers shop.
Thomas Herr EMEA Head of Digital Innovation at CBRE
Calibrate analyses consumer movement patterns in retail and provides retail and leisure occupiers, consumer facing businesses and real estate investors with unparalleled information. Along with an assessment based on CBRE’s comprehensive industry know-how, users are offered a significant competitive advantage. The potential of retail space and properties can be optimally leveraged in this way.
Thomas Herr EMEA Head of Digital Innovation at CBRE

“In Shopping Centre Management in Germany, we have already presented Calibrate’s analytics possibilities to various clients and have therefore provided support with strategic decisions,” states Christina Hoffmann, Head of Asset Services at CBRE Germany.

“Whereas before we were only measuring the quantity of footfall, the quality can also now be ascertained and substantiated by data. Using the data from Calibrate, retailers are already renting new stores in locations that were previously not on their radar,” says Frank Emmerich, Head of Retail at CBRE Germany.

The ZIA Innovation Report presents best practice innovations and rates them in terms of their quality. One criterion is that the innovations are already being used in practice.

The jury’s opinion of Calibrate:“The analytics tool is a good example for the intelligent evaluation of existing data for the benefit of investors and retailers in Germany. The source of the data, apps of all different kinds, has been selected intelligently and the utilization of this data by the real estate industry presents a significant value for retailers.”