CBRE’s ESG Consultancy develops industry-leading Sustainable Residential Development Framework

CBRE’s ESG Consultancy has worked collaboratively with Barclays Corporate Banking to design a new Sustainable Residential Development Framework to encourage house builders to deliver residential developments with the most impressive green and social credentials.

The framework is designed to deploy capital into eligible sustainable residential schemes through allocation of Green Residential Development Loans. It will also support the monitoring and data collection thereafter to enable outcomes to be reviewed and improved over time.

The framework sets out minimum sustainability standards and recommends opportunities for residential developments to achieve the greenest credentials, helping to influence and incentivise clients to make sustainable choices. This market-leading framework recognises best in class schemes that deliver beyond the minimum both in environmental performance and in local, community benefits by classifying performance as 'Good', Innovative' or 'Emerald' upon practical completion of the development. 

CBRE will monitor and update the framework to ensure it continues to reflect the rapidly changing needs of ESG clients.

We are delighted to be able to work with Barclays and their clients on the development of a framework that helps finance improved environmental performance and importantly the social benefits that can be delivered by residential schemes both in the local community and through the supply chain. This is a positive incentivisation mechanism that helps the sector provide comfortable, healthy, affordable homes and is an example of how the financial sector can accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy.

Helen Newman, Executive Director, Head of Sustainable Finance, CBRE