Record Increase in Sales Since the Onset of the Recession

London, 23 November 2009 - The latest retail sales figures from ONS show an annual rise in the volume of retail sales of 3.4%; the biggest annual increase since the onset of the recession.

Despite the fact that the like-for-like period in 2008 was effected by the credit crisis, the figures are still strong considering the continuing pressures, most significantly rising unemployment, facing the consumer.

Yields for prime and good secondary assets are now falling quite sharply; the retail warehouse sector has seen yields move in by 75 basis points since September.

The retail sector recorded total returns of 3.2% in October - the fourth consecutive month of growth - and now stands at -4.1% for the year-to-date. Retail warehouses remain the strongest performing sub-sector with a total return of 4.2%.

Download the Retail Market Monthly MarketView here
Download the Retail Market Monthly MarketView here