Top Trends in Facilities Management: CBRE GWS reveals how society, demographics and technology are changing the world of FM


CBRE Global Workplace Solutions (GWS) has today published the 2019 edition of their Top Trends in Facilities Management report. The latest version of this annual report highlights how changes in occupier needs are impacting FM strategies. The latest trends are broken down into four broad categories: client relationships; contracts; an increasing focus on people and technology.

The report identifies a shift in occupier priorities from cutting costs, to finding a provider who can add value through innovation, sustainability and diversity initiatives and priorities. This change in onus naturally leads to relationships between occupiers, FM providers and their supply chains becoming longer-lasting and more sustainable.

These longer-term contracts are increasingly focused on helping occupiers to attract and retain talent and showcase their brand both internally and externally. The report also identifies a growing demand for simplified contracts, which supports providers offering a holistic solution whereby they manage all real estate elements for an occupier, maximising effectiveness.

The report highlights that a focus on people will continue to drive the occupier agenda, impacting what is demanded from facilities managers. Companies engaged in the war for talent are increasingly focused on how their workplace experience can be used to attract and retain top employees. While it may not be possible to create a five-star experience across an entire portfolio, companies are segmenting and prioritising sites to focus on those which will see the greatest benefit.

In terms of technology, security management is being given an ever more significant focus, with companies looking for FM experts with experience in both physical and cyber security. This demand is intensified by the changing way in which we are working, with flexible space options necessitating a new strategy in security management.

“Since we released our first Top Trends in Facilities Management report in 2017, we’ve witnessed not only a shift in customer attitudes, but a change across the entire industry landscape. It is clear that to be successful in today’s industry, providers must adapt their business models, work alongside clients, and develop partnerships which are mutually beneficial. The challenge for today’s FM professionals is to look at the trends we have identified as a whole, rather than in isolation.”
Ian Entwisle, CEO Global Workplace Solutions, EMEA