CBRE’s Hot 100 Hones In On London’s Living and Sustainability Credentials

- Demand for living in London remains high, with predicted population growth of 111,000 across top 10 boroughs alone
- Camden tipped for population growth of 14,500 people

CBRE’s latest Hot 100 report has revealed London’s top ten boroughs across ten different housing, social value and sustainability categories - all of which contribute to London’s position as an attractive place to live and work. Categories include affordable housing, education, energy efficiency, biodiversity and more.

Across the top 10 boroughs, CBRE’s report predicts London’s population to grow by 111,000 from 2021 to 2026, signaling where the city can expect to experience the highest demand for housing. The borough of Camden topped the list, due to its central location, diversity, schools, and music scene, with projected growth of 5.4%, or 14,500 people. This was followed by Westminster at 4.8% and Greenwich at 4.6%.

Energy efficient homes

The boroughs were ranked by the proportion of dwellings that were rated with an EPC of C or above. This also gives an indication of which boroughs are most future proofed against upcoming ‘Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards’ regulation. Tower Hamlets has the most energy efficient housing stock, with 76% of its homes rated C or above. This is then followed by Southwark and Hackney, with circa 60% of homes achieving at least a C rating.

Electric Vehicles

Westminster came in first place for the most EV charging points – 621 more than Wandsworth in second place with 873. This demonstrates the significant investment in infrastructure in Westminster to facilitate sustainable travel. In third place was Southwark, with a total of 683 charging points.

First time buyers

The average house price for first-time buyers in London is £468,000. When ranking the boroughs, Barking and Dagenham topped the list, with the lowest first-time buyer price of just over £330,000. This is £28,000 below second-placed Bexley at just under £359,000. In third place was Croydon where the average price of a first home was £361,000.

Affordable housing

Areas that are currently providing the most affordable housing rank as follows: Sutton; Bexley; Hounslow; Islington; Waltham Forest; Enfield; Redbridge; Bromley; Kensington and Chelsea; Richmond upon Thames. At the time of the report’s publishing, 4,000 affordable homes were either completed or under construction across the top 10 boroughs.

Luke Mills, Managing Director, UK Residential, CBRE

London continues to attract a range of people including professionals, students, and families, and demand to live in the city remains high. Affordability, sustainability, clean air, and accessibility all play crucial roles in the wellbeing of Londoners and making the city a better place to live. 

With a backdrop of high energy prices, increased cost of living and the climate crisis, the living and sustainability credentials of each borough are going to become fundamental to ensuring London remains a thriving and dynamic city for people to live and work. 

Luke Mills, Managing Director, UK Residential, CBRE
Scott Cabot, Head of UK Residential Research, CBRE

Energy efficient homes will help the UK is to reach its 2050 net zero target. Sustainable housing reduces carbon emissions, energy bills, unnecessary energy consumption, and demand for non-renewable resources. Increasing the energy efficiency of homes is imperative for reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

Scott Cabot, Head of UK Residential Research, CBRE