Google will debut their Madrid Campus in 2015

Google is set to open the Madrid Campus next year, one of just six Campuses worldwide.

Campus is Google’s space for entrepreneurs to connect, learn, and build companies that will change the world. They will soon begin breaking ground on a historic building situated in a well-developed area of the capital, which they hope will become the startup community’s center of innovation. Google’s needs were clear: a large space, in a developing area which is quickly become a central area for thriving cultural, athletic and academic activities. With knowledge of our previous work together on Campus London London, CBRE started searching for the ideal building and helped Google find a great 4,300 sq.m. building that will become the future home for Campus Madrid. The building is located in Madrid Río area, and is a great example of innovation as it was home to the first electrical storage battery factory founded by Isaac Peral in 1892. With the building purchase complete, Google will soon begin construction and renovation. CBRE will act as local architects in conjunction with the London-based architecture studIO Jump, who are the designers.