Regus creates strategic partnership with leading property service providers

New processes for real estate acquisition will expedite Regus’ growth to meet the growing global demand for flexible workplaces

Regus today announced an agreement with four of the world’s leading property service companies who will become strategic advisors for the global workspace provider and support the further acceleration and streamlining of acquisitions worldwide.

The global real estate partners are DTZ, CBRE, Colliers International and JLL. Each will help Regus expand its unrivalled global network of flexible workplaces.

Working together from strategy through execution, these leading real estate firms will help Regus ramp up its already formidable worldwide network growth rates, and meet rising demand for its flexible workplaces.

Each firm will have responsibility for specific individual markets as Regus’ preferred partner, with CBRE leading in the UK market, Colliers International in Australia, DTZ in Singapore and JLL in Germany. Each of the firms will also work with Regus in assigned cities / states in North America.

In each market the firms will work with Regus to assess market strategies for flexible workplaces, and then develop workplaces to help meet this growing need.

With more than 2,300 locations and 2.1 million members in over 850 cities around the world, Regus is already the global market leader in flexible workspace provision. In 2014 alone, it grew over 20% by adding more than 400 locations to its worldwide network, from London to Durban to Mumbai, to satisfy growing demand worldwide.

Rick Bertasi, Managing Director, Group Network Development, Regus, said: “The scope and ambition of these strategic partnerships is unprecedented – not just for Regus but in the property sector as a whole.

“DTZ, CBRE, Colliers and JLL are helping us design new processes that make it easier for customers to access flexible workspace, wherever and whenever they want to. These processes – and Regus’s continuing growth – also offer an unmatched global opportunity for landlords to position their assets to benefit from meeting that need.”

The formation of a strategic partnership with these leading property service companies will support Regus’ objective to create the workplaces of the future. Their geographic and business-line footprints and expertise will develop the Regus offering and help landlords to maximise the value of their real estate.

James Mclean, Senior Director at CBRE
“We are excited about this opportunity to help create the workplaces of the future with Regus. We will use CBRE’s geographic and business-line footprint and expertise to both develop the Regus offering and help landlords maximise the value of their real estate. It really is a win-win scenario for Regus, its clients, and the property industry.” 
James Mclean, Senior Director at CBRE